a real digital currency

The ThreeFold Token is the currency of the new Internet. It is a decentralized digital currency that represents a unit of reservation of capacity (compute, storage) on the largest peer-to-peer network of capacity on earth - the ThreeFold Grid. This new Internet is enabled by independent farmers, that connect harware from all around the world.


Each TFT represents underlying Internet capacity and can be exchanged for that capacity at any time. It is the exclusive medium of exchange for Internet capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. 

decentralized issuance

TFTs are exclusively generated when new capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid. There are no centralized issuers. Tokens have not been created out of thin air.

limited supply

While the ThreeFold Grid can expand, a maximum of 4 Billion TFTs can be in circulation. This limit ensures  incentivization for all stakeholders.

hosted on Stellar

TFT lives on the Stellar Blockchain. TFT holders benefit from a big ecosystem of proven wallets and mediums of exchange. Stellar's mission to promote financial inclusion is completely aligned with ThreeFold's vision  for an inclusive Internet.


By employing Stellar technology, TFT transactions and smart contracts are powered by one of the most energy-efficient blockchains available.

have an impact

By buying, holding, and utilizing TFTs, you are actively supporting the expansion of the ThreeFold Grid and its use cases - creating a more sustainable, fair, and equally accessible Internet.


The market for farming, cultivating and trading TFT is open to all. Anyone with internet connection, power supply and necessary harware can become a Farmer or trade ThreeFold tokens (TFT)

Note: TFT's are not an investment instrument, instead they represent an opportunity for those who believe in ThreeFold's long-term vision to participate in the growth of the new Internet and a better world.


The ThreeFold Grid's capacity is made available by farmers - people who connect hardware to the grid. They contribute to a more sustainable Internet for generations to come.  ThreeFold is changing the Internet for the greater good of all, and farmers play an important role in this journey.

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Farmers rent capacity to the ThreeFold Grid and get TFTs in return.

ThreeFold Farmers earn from (1) renting capacity to the ThreeFold Grid, and (2) when capacity is reserved by users.


Farmers exchange their TFTs for fiat or other crypto currencies. 

Users exchange their fiat or other crypto currencies for TFTs.

To ensure 100% security, users can reserve capacity only with TFTs.


Users reserve capacity with TFTs, they pay farmers and a portion goes to the foundation.

Note that everything you do on the web today involves data that needs to be stored somewhere. Now users get to choose when, how and where to store their data.


TFT is the only way to rent compute and storage capacity on the ThreeFold Grid - which has the potential to gain significant market share in todays public cloud market. To dive deeper into the project's potential, click on the link below.

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$59 M+
80+ M GB


Become part of the new Internet

There are two ways to get TFTs - directly from a Farmer or through an Exchange. Both provide different benefits. While buying from a Farmer is the easiest way, an Exchange is a good alternative if you already have experience with crypto currencies. Find step-by-step instructions in our wikis. As of the 1st of June, TFT will be available on Liquid and BTC-Alpha.

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