We believe in a world where individuals and communities can have universal access to opportunities enabled by financial freedom and interconnected humanity.

Lack of access to basic financial services & wealth creation opportunities have created a global poverty trap. Additionally, The World Bank estimates that up to 60 million people will likely fall below the International Poverty Line of $1.90 per day in 2020, as a result of the pandemic.


Ubuntu is a digital, social commerce platform providing the tools for value creation, realisation and conservation at the fingertips, through mobile connectivity. This platform solves the 3-big pillars of “The Problem” accordingly.



Ubuntu mission is very much in line with ThreeFold’s - moving from an Ego-system to an Eco-system. We believe in an integral approach that embodies the best of all worlds where we go from “anticipating and controlling” to “feeling and adjusting” and we are commited to co-creating this Dynamic balance.


Ubuntu Tribe’s ultimate aim is wealth distribution and financial empowerment across the globe.


đź”—Powered by ThreeFold

ThreeFold’s unique decentralized, uncontrolled Internet solution serves as a perfect foundation for Ubuntu’s digital, social commerce platform. Together we can secure equeal financial oportunities distributed globally and with full ownership in the most secure way.

đź”—Join saving our planet!

Together we rise! Thank you!