At ThreeFold, together with a beautiful ecosystem of partners, we are co-creating a peer-to-peer Internet that empowers equality, freedom, and sustainability.

To be honest, we were always focused on building and utilizing our own transactional blockchain. We wanted to make sure we did it in the right way, upholding our values - but then we realized that the solution was already out there.

Stellar is an open-source network for currencies and payments. Stellar makes it possible to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money - dollars, pesos, bitcoin, pretty much anything. It’s designed so all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network.

Stellar has no owner; if anything it’s owned by the public. The software runs across a decentralized, open network and handles millions of transactions each day. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar relies on blockchain to keep the network in sync, but the end-user experience is more like cash - Stellar is much faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than typical blockchain-based systems.

In the spirit of collaboration, something we believe in heavily, we knew the right decision was to abandon our own transactional blockchain and to move our ThreeFold Token (TFT) to Stellar.

🔗Why did we choose Stellar?

  • Technology-wise it’s a very strong platform - energy-friendly & fast.
  • There is good liquidity on the Stellar Network; it’s super easy to go from XLM to TFT.
  • By utilizing the Stellar Network, we are part of a large blockchain platform/network. There is good integration with other digital currencies.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we share like-minded values.

The Stellar Network is supported by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). From their website, “SDF and Stellar seek to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.”

The ThreeFold and Stellar Foundations have very aligned goals, particularly around empowerment of all people around the world - to create equal access to the Internet and to a global, inclusive financial system. Both solutions are built on open-source technology, both aim to unlock the world’s economic potential, and most of all, both empower people in developing countries and all around the globe.

That is why ThreeFold is proud to be a part of the Stellar Network.