Privacy and decentralization are some of the values shared by both Presearch and ThreeFold, at the core of their missions to create scalable technologies that can positively impact the lives of millions of individuals and enterprises around the globe.

Presearch and ThreeFold are thrilled to officially announce their collaborative partnership. Presearch is a community-powered, decentralized search engine that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search. And ThreeFold is the world’s largest peer-to-peer cloud, bringing privacy and security, cost-efficiencies, ease-of-use, and true IT decentralization to the market.

Presearch (and its node and storage infrastructure) will benefit from ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer cloud in two different ways:

🔗1. Powering Presearch node operators with a decentralized cloud infrastructure

The Presearch community will be able to deploy their Presearch nodes in a few clicks in a completely decentralized cloud infrastructure, using the ThreeFold peer-to-peer cloud and its developer tools. Thus, they can escape the monopolies of centralized cloud providers, and reduce the technical complexity of running Blockchain nodes.

Colin Pape, Presearch’s CEO, said in a statement, “We are excited to partner with the ThreeFold team to offer our community members an easy way to quickly deploy Presearch Nodes on ThreeFold decentralized peer-to-peer internet grid, the world’s largest server network powered by blockchain technology.”

Presearch has recently opened its beta testing program for node operators looking to become part of the revolutionary network that is changing the way individuals around the world can search the web – in a significantly more private, inclusive, and rewarding environment. Anyone who believes in the decentralization of search engines should sign up to their beta testers list and get in touch with Presearch to be one of the early adopters.

🔗2. Leveraging ThreeFold’s decentralized storage to store the future of the search engine experience

Presearch and ThreeFold are exploring the usage of ThreeFold’s decentralized storage capacity to store and archive Presearch’s indexes and other data running the search engine. The main goal is to provide an unbreakable data storage and backup infrastructure for the future of the search engine experience that the top-notch team behind Presearch is building.

In addition, ThreeFold looks forward to advocating for Presearch and integrating the decentralized search engine into its current and future solutions for a more private and inclusive internet experience.

🔗Powering the ThreeFold community’s search engine experience with Presearch

ThreeFold will be establishing Presearch’s decentralized search engine as its main search engine partner, advocating for its usage within its growing community of developers, cloud capacity farmers, enterprises, and users.

As stated by Weynand Kuijpers, “Presearch is creating a search engine by people for people. The internet has moved from data sharing to centralized data harvesting. Presearch is undoing that by creating user control over data stored, presenting a (digital) return for contributing to the system and improving search results, and making it decentralized. ThreeFold is looking forward to co-creating a decentralized mechanism where the search engine is broken down and operates everywhere, and users are in control of their own identity and data.“

More to come as the partnership develops.

🔗About Presearch:

Many of us are tired of Big Tech companies dominating the internet, censoring content and controlling the social narrative by manipulating information to fit an agenda.

Presearch provides improved access to information and increased search choice with its community-driven search engine that leverages blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to empower and reward users. More than 1.6 million people have already joined the service.

In 2020, Presearch launched its innovative keyword staking sponsorship platform that enables promoters to lock their Presearch PRE cryptocurrency tokens against different keywords in order to have their promotional ads displayed. More than 60 million PRE tokens have already been locked.

Now Presearch is launching a decentralized search engine that rewards node operators with PRE tokens when they run Presearch nodes. Through its partnership with ThreeFold, anyone will be able to easily launch a Presearch node running on the ThreeFold decentralized peer-to-peer internet grid with no technical knowledge required.

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🔗About ThreeFold:

ThreeFold has developed the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer internet grid in the world, which enables individuals and organizations to build and deploy their web2 and web3 applications in a complete decentralized, private, sustainable, and autonomous IT infrastructure through its peer-to-peer cloud capacity and developer tools.

With a collective and incentivized ecosystem of Farmers around the globe, the ThreeFold Grid has achieved 80+ petabytes of capacity, 18K+ CPU cores, distributed in 21 countries, and is constantly expanding across the edges. ThreeFold has technology partners such as HPE, DigiByte, Stellar, Neo, Dash, TomoChain, HoloChain Harmony, WaykiChain, SelfKey and many others.

ThreeFold aims to empower a more equal, autonomous, and sustainable world and does so by providing the necessary peer-to-peer technologies and infrastructure to the world while incentivizing growth in developing regions.

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