🔗☎️ Community Tech Call / Q&A Announcement

I wanted to get the invite out early for next weeks community Q&A and tech call. This is a space where the community and the team comes together so you can bring any questions or ideas you may have and we can work together to get your project off the ground!

Every week our discussions have been driving more and more decentralized development on the the grid and I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

  • You can check out the Invitation to next week’s call here.
    • When: 01.30.23 at 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET
  • You can check out the recording of today’s call here. Today’s call included:
    • How an everyday user can put the power of the grid to work,
    • Creating a solution provider focused on making fundraising simple,
    • And, some simple explanations on Terraform.

Look forward to short videos from these calls to make everything more digestible in the near future thanks to the community member who has been volunteering his time to help me refine the production of these call and archive the information that we are gathering.

🔗🔍 Community Development Highlight

You also don’t want to miss what Mik (@mp_mik) has been doing to bring Ai to the Threefold Grid, you can check out his AI support bot here.

He has created a bot that is able to readily intake conversational questions and use a Threefold Specific database of information to answer the users questions. The bot is currently deployed as a Telegram bot and you can find all the instructions to use it in the thread above.

This truly highlights what everyone can do to make their contribution to the grid:

  • All of the hosting and production of these calls,
  • All of the development of Mik’s bot,
  • And many other resources that have come to grid in recent weeks are works provided by community members with very little involvement from the development team.

Look out for my next post!