Today, we are super excited to share the roadmap to ThreeFold Grid v3.0!

As many of you know, the main focus of ThreeFold these days is to get the grid to version 3.0 and ready for production.

Within, you will find various stories within “swimlanes” that show where our attention is and where it is going. We will be sure to elaborate more on what it all means – the priorities, progress, and also where we can use your support.

Be sure to look at the wiki which is tied to our kanban for more context.

Please feel free to dig in and leave comments or questions on our forum!

PS: The circles tool (see roadmap), which is based on open source Taiga, will be made available as a workload on top of the TF Grid for everyone to use. It’s an amazing tool! We have many circles in which we collaborate internally, with members of the community, and with partner projects (more than 80 people globally) on a day-to-day basis.