We have some big plans cooking with our friends and partners at Take Action Global (TAG) – more on that later this month!

Today, we invite you to celebrate Climate Action Day, hosted by TAG – the culminating celebration of the Climate Action Project, a six-week initiative involving 2.7 million people across 145 countries. 🌍

Around 18:40 CET, ThreeFold co-founder Adnan Fateyerji will deliver a message to the students and teachers who participated in the program, and TAG Executive Director Koen Timmers will be sharing about ThreeFold & TAG with their global audience. 🙏

Climate Action Day will stream live at the blue zone of COP26 and for global audiences online.

During the event, students and teachers will present questions to speakers such as Prince William, youth activist Elizabeth Wathuti, and representatives from WWF and NASA, and will showcase potential solutions for climate change.

More information: https://www.climate-action.info/day/

Event starts at 1pm CET / 8am EST.