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Zero People IT is the Future Picture

Zero People IT is the Future

Classic IT infrastructure setup is complex and is not cost-effective. Applications need a specific environment to operate in, built by integrating different technology components from different vendors. Elements of such a setup are operating systems, storage systems, networks, security systems, authentication systems, and more.

  • Weynand Kuijpers

Weynand Kuijpers

ThreeFold's Long Story Short Picture

ThreeFold's Long Story Short

The truth is that ThreeFold is a big project. Here we will try to make things a little simpler for you.

  • Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart

Internet is growing wild Picture

Internet is growing wild

The internet is growing at an extremely fast pace, but is that a good thing?

  • Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart

An escape from the Great Hack Picture

An escape from the Great Hack

I can’t help but think how unfair it is that in today’s digital society, people are being treated like products, because there is no such thing as a ‘free’ platform without YOU being the product.

  • Sabrina Sadik

Sabrina Sadik

Decentralizing the Internet Picture

Decentralizing the Internet

In this article, we discuss the general concept of a ‘decentralized grid’ and how anyone can plug-in capacity to the ThreeFold Grid.

  • Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart

Use cases for the ThreeFold Peer-to-Peer Cloud Picture

Use cases for the ThreeFold Peer-to-Peer Cloud

Containers, IAAS, Archives, Security, and more..

  • Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart