ThreeFold Weekly! April 5th, 2022 (Vol 13)

Welcome to the 13th edition of of ThreeFold Weekly. Let’s take a look what’s been going on in the ThreeFold universe last week.

ThreeFold Weekly! April 5th, 2022 (Vol 13)Picture

🔗Major ThreeFold News:

  • Last week, Gulf Land Property hosted the  Paradise Hills Award Gala with over 160 people  including home owners, contractors and supporting project developers. During the Gala, ThreeFold’s  Adnan Fatayerji and Weynand Kuijpers  had the chance to present ThreeFold to the audience with an overwhelmingly positive response and support. Moreover, the two co-founders accepted  an award for ThreeFold  as an  integral technology partner  of Paradise Hills Development and establishing the world’s first community-driven cloud.

  • ThreeFold co-founder  Adnan Fatayerji  joined the BlockHash Podcast to share all about ThreeFold and to discuss decentralization. It’s a great interview,  covering all ThreeFold essentials . Well done, Adnan!

🔗Community updates:

  • Mik  from Canada shared about his experiences as a DIY farmer and how he is  leading the way  by providing  big-time support  for the ThreeFold Farming community. Watch the inspiring conversation between Mik and Sam hereIf you’re a community member interested in sharing your story in a similar format, let us know in the comments below this post.

  • A big thank you to those who registered to become validators of the ThreeFold Grid for being vital members of our community and securing the Grid! There are only  8 L2 and 1 L0 validator spots remaining. Take a look here if you’d like to learn how to stake TFT and become a validator.

🔗Technology Developments:

  • We’ve launched a new and improved  3.0 wallet in the TF Connect app which includes a TF Chain wallet. Take a look at this post to find all the details.

🔗ThreeFold Grid: 

  • In a new Grid Enhancement Proposal, the Grid Council proposed the farming start price of 0.08 USD in April. Thank you all for voting, this GEP has passed with 89% of our community voting in favour, meaning the farming start price for April will be 0.08 USD. Please remember that the minting payout for March 2022 will be executed on the 8th of April instead of the 5th of April.

  • Have you migrated your 3Nodes from V2 to V3 yet? If not, please do it asap as it’s our collective responsibility to fully bring the ThreeFold Grid to its latest version. Also, it’s crucial for you to log in V3 farming rewards, so finish the migration process via ThreeFold Connect as explained here.

  • Titan 3Node orders continue to be shipped all over the world. If you have specific questions about your order, please get in touch with the support team!

Until next time, ThreeFolders! 🙌 

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