autonomous technology | Less is more

Imagine the Autonomous Layer as being the bridge between users and the Internet infrastructure. It is home to 3Bots - our digital assistants, that take care of all the back-end processes.  The system is self-driving and self-healing by nature, removing the human requirement for deploying and operating IT infrastructure and services, making it truly secure and performant.

The idea behind the autonomous layer is to make every individual digitally independent and enable a digital world inspired by nature. Just like no one would be able to access your face-to-face conversations or be aware of what you do in your everyday life, all the processes are taken care of in the background for you to remain at the center of your digital life in full privacy and security. No more possibilities for organizations and people to access your data without your permission.

Also, the system uses dispersed storage algorithms for data to always remain available even if 4 copies of the 20 (for example) would not be available. This was originally invented for communication in outer space, but the benefits of using this are clear. While redundancy remains similar, overheads are 2000% less, while achieving real security and efficiency. 

Our IT system is usable for companies, governments, citizens, schools, and more. The system has the right balance between resilience and efficiency, and a lot of services are already available today.

3bot | your digital twin

3Bots are a wiki system, database, blockchain, web server, indexing & search machine, e-commerce system, wallet, decentralized exchange, and more. 

A 3Bot is stateless and decentralized by design - ensuring the protection of your digital identity and data at all times. The currenmemory footprint is less than 200MB/ 3Bot.   

Put simply, a 3Bot can undertake all the back-end processes of a person's or organization's digital life.

Download 3Bot Connect - your wallet and decentralized authentication system for the ThreeFold Grid. 

Available on  IOS and Android.


3Bot users retain full ownership of their data - they choose with whom and when to share.

open source

Information and knowedge is accessible to all. We invite you to create on top of our tech.


Combined with the ThreeFold Grid, 3Bot enables  90% energy and bandwidth savings.


Most softwares and coding or programming languages that work on Linux work on our tech.


No centralized institution nor governance. Enabling a digital world that is truly equal.


Ultra-performant and versatile, with 3Bot enjoy a decentralized and efficient experience.


2FA login, P2P, KYC integration, a decentralized ledger, and a lean code ensure safety.

for developers

90% less development effort as compared to conventional centralized applications.

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